Carpet Cleaning Santa RosaE&A Carpet Cleaning and Janitorial provides high-quality cleaning services, including carpet cleaning in Santa Rosa, California. A deep cleaned carpet is not just visually appealing– the elimination of embedded dirt and debris also lengthens the carpet’s life. In addition, pet hair, pollen, and other potential allergens trapped in the rug can exacerbate allergies. A clean carpet is a healthy carpet, and our cleaning services are second to none.

We have a wide variety of high-powered carpet cleaners, allowing us to tackle any size or type of job. High powered vacuums remove dirt, debris, and pet hair from deep in the carpet. Powerful steam cleaners then remove embedded dirt from deep in the carpet pile. The type of equipment we use is determined by the carpet’s pile, material, and amount and type of soiling. Our carpet cleaners are more powerful than those generally available for home purchase or rental, delivering a powerful clean.

Your carpet cleaning service will start with a visit from one of our qualified service technicians to your Santa Rosa area home. We will assess the size and material of your carpet and the intensity of cleaning required. After an estimate is given, we will return with the appropriate equipment to get your carpet as clean as new without damage.

While powerful equipment is essential, what really sets our cleaning services apart from others is the personal touch. Hand treatment and a lot of elbow grease are often needed to treat tough stains and embedded dirt. We will do whatever is required to get your carpets and area rugs looking like new. Give us a call today and you will be well on your way to clean, attractive, long-lasting carpets.