Commercial Window Covering Cleaning Santa RosaE&A Carpet Cleaning and Janitorial is a leading provider of commercial window covering cleaning in Santa Rosa. If the window coverings in your business are dingy or damaged, contact us today for a free estimate for our deep clean service. Regular maintenance of window coverings such as blinds and shades extends their lifespan and lengthens the time between required deep cleanings, and we are proud to offer this as part of our routine janitorial service. However, if deep cleaning is required, we have an intensive multi-step process that will leave your window coverings looking like new.

Your commercial window covering cleaning service will start when our qualified service technicians visit your Santa Rosa area business. As the deep cleaning process can be messy, loud, and time-consuming, we remove your window coverings and take them to our central service facility. Your window coverings will be hand cleaned to remove stains, dust, and other residue. Vinyl, metal, and other sealed window blinds will then undergo ultrasonic cleaning. Delicate blinds, such as unsealed wood or fabric honeycomb shades, will be entirely hand cleaned. We also hand clean blind accessories such as pull cords as part of this service. We then dry the blinds and accessories, examine them for any remaining stains or residue, and wrap them to protect them from dust and dirt on the trip back to your business, where we re-install your sparkling clean window coverings.

We can perform the window covering removal and installation after business hours, minimizing any disruption to your business. Our combination of meticulous hand cleaning and powerful ultrasonic cleaning can handle even the toughest cases of buildup and staining. And our range of high-quality cleaning services can keep them looking like new. Call us for deep cleaning or regular maintenance services today.