Residential Window Covering Cleaning Santa RosaE&A Carpet Cleaning and Janitorial is a leading provider of residential window covering cleaning in Santa Rosa. Even with routine maintenance and cleaning, window coverings such as mini blinds can become heavily soiled or stained. For our deep cleaning service, we remove your window coverings, take them to our facility, and return to re-install them. This allows us to perform a thorough residential window covering cleaning without disturbing your Santa Rosa area home. All the results, with none of the mess and noise of on-site cleaning.

Ultrasonic cleaning is utilized as a vital part of our window blind deep cleaning service. First your blinds will be hand detailed to remove dust, buildup, and stains. The blinds are then inserted into the ultrasonic cleaner while the blind accessories, such as pull cords, head rails, and ladders, are meticulously hand cleaned. When necessary, an antistatic polish is applied post-cleaning to limit attraction to dust. We then dry the items, inspect them to ensure no further hand treatment is necessary, and wrap them to keep them dirt and dust free in the transport back to your home.

We specialize in treating tough cases, including nicotine stains, pet hair, mildew, water damage, food stains, and smoke odor. While we do have a range of powerful equipment for processes such as ultrasonic cleaning, we do not underestimate the personal touch. Delicate materials (such as unsealed wood) and heavy staining or residue may require extensive cleaning by hand. Whatever it takes to get your window coverings clean and like new, we will do it. If your window coverings need a little tender loving care, give us a call today.