Window Covering Cleaning WindsorE&A Carpet Cleaning and Janitorial is proud to provide thorough and reasonably priced window covering cleaning in Windsor. Windows are the portals to your home, office, or store, and keeping them looking their best is essential. Attractive, well maintained window treatments are key. However, blind cleaning and upkeep can be tedious, messy, and require specialized equipment. Minor damage to window blinds is often unavoidable, especially in homes with pets or small children and active commercial facilities, and can be unsightly. Blind repair and cleaning are among our specialties.

Our routine cleaning services, such as weekly office cleaning, include dusting and vacuuming of window treatments. However, over time, sticky buildup from substances such as cooking oil or tobacco smoke can necessitate additional cleaning. Our window covering cleaning team will come to your Windsor area home or business and remove the window coverings. We will clean them off site at our facility, using the processes that the blinds’ condition and material require, and return them to you as good as new. Reinstallment of the blinds is, of course, included with the cleaning. All of the service, with none of the mess.
If your blinds require a little more tender loving care to look and function their best, we also offer repair services. Our services include restringing of lift cords, tilt and lock control replacements, wand replacements, miscellaneous part replacements, and tassel cleaning and replacement. We service window coverings including mini blinds, micro mini blinds, fabric and vinyl vertical blinds, luminettes, silhouettes, honeycombs (duettes, cell shades, crystal pleats), wood blinds, faux wood and composite wood blinds, shades, pleated shades, and vignettes.

While we specialize in window covering services including blind repair, we also offer a full range of residential and commercial cleaning services. Residential or commercial, any size facility, we offer one-time or periodic cleaning services including carpet cleaning.